Friday, June 18, 2010

Girls Talk#2: What's inside my vanity case

You've guessed it right! I'm still hype about Nikoganda's Girl Talk meme for June. This one should have been submitted 2nd week of June but since I've only followed her last June 18, this blog won't be qualified as an entry.
What's inside my Vanity Case...
1) 2 hand gels by BnB (Cucumber Melon & Wild Honeysuckle scents)

2) pocket mirror
3) Cameo lipstick (A6 Nougat)
4) 2True lipstick #3
5) The Body Shop Hot Brights Lips & Cheeks
6) oil blot facial papers

7) Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturizing Care
8) COBigelow Menta Lip Tint (my fave!!!)
9) Avon Color Swirl Lipgloss (Transparent/Exotic)
10) Clinique glosswear SPF8 (04 Raspberry Jam)
11) Clinique eyeshadow duo (Ash Violets)
12) Salonpas
13) CoverGirl Eye Enhancers (Taupe)

14) Herbal Vapor rub
15) hair clamps

I don't make use of most of the content but they come handy when situation calls for some re-touch. The eye make-ups are my most reliable make-over make-ups plus matching them with the lipstick or gloss, I'm done!


niko said...

ow, kulang na lang is whats inside your shower loot :) hihihi

thanks for playing along ha! wink

hahai.ponce said...

hehe, I'll be posting it soon...i'm having fun with your meme :)