Monday, January 3, 2011

CC: What We Got for Christmas

I know this is quite a late post, but I really want to join in this meme...

Rodliz’s Nest

What I got from the hubby, I still can't flaunt...he financed the removal of an excess skin growth (which I thought initially as warts) on my left still is drying up and not a good subject for a photo. Can't wait for it to peel off so I can go out wearing shorts or mini skirts. Although I still have to do some exercises to shed the fats off my thighs. It was a non-surgical procedure and lasted only for about 30 pain, no blood...great isn't it?

My husband M ended up getting a new pair of jeans. When
I told him we'll be shopping for his gift which was supposedly either a new leather wallet or a watch, he changed his mind and decided a new pair of pants is more practical for him. He needs more this since they don't get a supply of uniforms from where we works and all of his pants are quite worn out already. He chose Wrangler as it is more durable than other brands. He's worn it to church last Sunday already and wore the same again to office today...really flaunting his new pair of trousers huh...

M's wearing the pants I gave him while
Maia is wearing the blouse & leggings her grandma gave,
Leon wears one of the two tees his godmother gave him...
all are Christmas gifts

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