Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Old Bad Habits (Couple Corner#1)

Every new year, we are given the chance to redeem ourselves from the bad habits we have in the past year or years. People say old habits are hard to break especially those not-so-good ones. This statement should post as a challenge to us to all. We must be ready and willing enough to challenge ourselves to break old bad habits.

What are our old bad habits that we need to change for this year, minimize at least lol!?

This is random and here it goes...

1. Being late on appointments - I wasn't like this before but because of circumstances and responsibilities in both the household and workplace, which sho
uld never be the excuse...I end up missing out on the time.

2. Impulse buying - I've mellowed down though but as the saying goes...old habits are hard to break lol! I have the tendency to purchase things that catch my attention and end up realizing (when it's too late already) that I already have an item of the same kind or I really don't need it at the moment.

3. Manana Habit or Postponing for tomorrow what I need to do today - I often have the tendency to postpone whatever I need to do for the next day. Most of the time, I have to cram on the things to do because it's all piled up.

4. Giving my husband the least of my attention - my attention goes more to the children, household and work, hubby only comes next, which I know shouldn't be the case!!!

5. The tendency to be envious

6. Harboring a heavy heart towards members of the family

7. The tendency to accommodate all requests either in the workplace or household including but not limited to extended family members.

8. The tendency to get attached to material stuff.

9. Being judgmental

10.Being self-righteous and self-centered ;( really something NOT GOOD!!!

Whew! This is quite a list! Although I've been working on correcting most if not all, it's definitely a challenge for me. But I've been through a wake-up call and I need to put the better side of me on top of this all. I guess when there are important people at stake, like our husband and children, they are just but enough inspiration to hurdle all the challenges we are facing and we are about to face.

By the way, the list is just for myself, I can't say it holds true with my hubby, although there are a few that I know we share on...

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Mommy Liz said...

teka, may mga similarities tayo ah. impulse buyer ka rin pala. manana habit, akin din yan..hehehe.. konti lang nilagay ko, aksi baka naman sobrang haba na eh masira na ang aking reputasyon, hahahaha!

thanks for joining. I hope that you all had a great new year.. sana ma change nga natin ang mga yan noh???

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

and I thought I'm reading my own list of bad habits, lol!
Thanks for visiting my CC.

Lina Gustina said...

We aren't perfect persons; that's why we have these habits, right?

Thanks for dropping by :)

Wifey10 said...

haay how could you think pa ba if you're sorrounded of gorgeous clothes and accesorries?haha..

simply kim said...

oh, i agree with you, it's QUITE a list. well, now is just the right time to make things better!