Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year Countdown 2011

These past 3 days, especially today, I've been worrying about what to post for Krystyn's meme, Mommy and Me Monday. I was kinda worried missing a post since it's one of the weekly memes I'm having fun joining in.

Looking at our photos and my blog archive, I've n
oticed, I have not post about our New Year Countdown experience. So this will be my share for this week's Mommy and Me Monday meme.

In the Philippines, it's customary to spend for Christmas and New Ye
ar. Definitely, both occasions deserves quite a lavish preparation. Lavish in the sense that most often than not, we spend beyond our limits to celebrate both occasions. From gifts, to clothing, to food and to welcome the new year, Filipinos generally spend much for fire crackers and fireworks. This phenomenon is backed by our belief of welcoming the new year with a bang will bring forth more blessing in the coming year. Likewise, the belief of making noise with the use of firecrackers is one way to drive off bad spirits and bad elements that caused us a not-so-good current year. Thus, almost, if not all households set off firecrackers and fireworks. Can you just imagine the noise and pollution each one of us produce every new year's eve?

Unlike in other countries, generally speaking, fireworks displays are contained in a specific area where anyone is free to go to watch or experience it or just stay at home a
nd watch the new year countdown on television.

This year, even before the yuletide season, my husband suggested that we attend a new year countdown instead of the usual practice. I was a bit hesitant because my mom was quite negative on the idea of driving that late in the evening with kids on tow. It was a last minute decision for us to go to when I told him that I was able to convince my mom.We wanted to join the group situated at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City for the grand new year countdown but leaving the house a few minutes past 11:30 didn't give us enough time to reach the venue. Instead, we decided to proceed to Ayala Center in Makati expecting there will be one. Unfortunately, the media outfit that usually holds its countdown there decided not to spend on countdowns instead they shared their blessings to less fortunate citizens of the Philippines. It was so late that we learned about it. We arrived at Makati just a few minutes before midnight, just enough time for M to park the car nearby. Once parked, we ran off towards a posh hotel nearby that we knew would show off a good fireworks display to welcome 2011. Although a little disappointed because we weren't able to experience a grand countdown, experiencing it together as a family is way more important than any lavish countdown there is. Both Leon and Maia were looking attentively to each fireworks display. Leon was amazed at each display and was still expecting for more when the display ended. Even our nanny who hails from Davao has as much fun. By the way, Davao City is the only municipality in the Philippines that does not do fireworks.
And since most Filipinos are more aware about the current state of our environment with it's pollution index soaring high, experiencing a new year countdown instead of doing it in our homes helps in lessening air pollution brought about by the smogs of the fireworks and firecrackers.

Happy New Year to all!

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What a fun celebration. You got some great shots.