Friday, January 7, 2011

Stroke: Health Issues

As early as the first week of January, I've received two not-so-good news. A college friend passed away, and a colleague's brother is confined in the hospital since Dec 28, 2010. Just as Friday was calling it a day, another colleague's relative was just about to be rushed to the hospital.

The first 2 persons succumb to stroke. My dear friend passed away after another of the stroke struck him on January 4. He was still rushed to the hospital but was pronounced DOA. Previous to this, like almost 3 years ago, when he had his first stroke, he went into comatose until the day the Lord called him to rest. He left with him a wife and 3 beautiful daughters, eldest being only 8 years old. Last night, we went to pay our last respect to
Joseph Erwin Medrano, MD, who was turning 39 years old on January 28, 2011. Happy Birthday friend!

The other one, my colleague's brother is only in his 30's, paralyzed from head to neck. Although as told, he has a positive outlook and is on his way to recovery. Will be out soon and will just undergo therapy mostly at home. Maybe his driving force to continue to live is his newborn child, barely weeks old when he had his stroke.

The 3rd person, a close relative of one of my closest office mate friends, was rushed to the hospital in the afternoon of January 7, 2011 because of a soaring high blood pressure and a blurred speech - a good symptom of stroke. No news yet as of this writing. Hope she's doing well.

Stroke as stated in Wikipedia is the rapidly developing loss of brain functions due to disturbance of blood supply to the brain.Whatever the cause is, be it ischemia (lack of blood flow, thrombosis, arterial embolism (blockage of arteries) and/or hemorrhage (leakage of blood). Further, this may lead to permanent neurological damages, complications and even worse, death.

For me these experiences are wake up call for us to look at how we've spent our lives recently. We're now up to a lifestyle check. My friend Erwin is a medical doctor, my colleague's brother is a Call Center Agent. I'm not sure of the profession of the other patient but I know she's a wife and a mother. Whatever lifestyle t
hese 3 people has, in one way or another, we've been living the same way as they do/did. What bothers me most is the occurrence of the disease in more younger population. In the past, stroke only occurs to people 65 years old and above but now stroke strikes at people as young as 28 years old.

I've never been so bothered by any illnesses until I've had my own family - husband and children. Keeping them safe from sickness is one thing, the other thing is keeping myself safe from illnesses as well. I just can't imaging living life without anyone of them by my side.

The best thing to do to avoid this disease and other diseases in general is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy being is not just pure physical well being, emotional, psychological and spiritual upkeep is likewise important in balancing the general health of a person. No need to elaborate on this as we were taught of healthy living even as
early as grade 3. Revisiting our lifestyle is a good start, eliminating the bad practices is next and maintaining the good ones will lead us to a healthier us. As wives and mothers, I believe it is our responsibility to keep ourselves healthy. A healthy us will brings forth a healthy family. And always keep this saying in mind "Prevention is always better than Cure".

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