Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mommy Moments: New Stuff (P365/13)

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving. We had fun giving out our gifts to families and friend as well as receiving our share from those who remembered. The kids, especially Leon had fun and was excited throughout the season about the gifts they received. From the first day that he received a gift, he didn't missed a day visiting the Christmas tree to check on it. Up until midnight, he just cannot contain his excitement.

Here are some shots during Christmas eve when it was time to open g
a baseball set he won when he joined a game
during the Christmas party at his daddy's office

all Ben10 gift items: truck, laser watch and a pair of green sneakers
which he likewise attributed to being Ben10 ;D

Anything that has wheels he still finds amusing

Activity books and educational toys

Plus clothes, accessories and pillows...

Maia on the other hand is still young to be able to express her joys but here are some of the stuff she received and some pictures of joy

Stuffed toys

books and educational toys and
more of the baby stuff :D

So that's it...can't wait for the next Christmas to arrive. But for now, we're on the task of giving away some of the old stuff that's no longer of use to the kids. Beyond sharing, another reason is for us to have a little more space for these new stuff.

more of the New Stuff here at:
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Babiesaandcontests said...

what a lovely new stuffs. I especially like the cars.

here's our post.

simply kim said...

my little boy also loves Ben 10, lol! that stuff toy is really nice, very cute!

Chris said...

wow, so many cool stuff! :D happy mommy moments!