Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project 365 (First 5 days of 2011)

This is my first year to do this, though I've been wanting to join this meme since last year but we've only got our own point-and-shoot digital camera just this December, our shared Christmas gift as husband and wife :)

Taking photos fancies me...not too much into serious photography because it won't fit anymore into my busy schedule. But photos are good docum
entation of our day-to-day lives, something we can look back years after years...

And since it's already the sixth day of the January, my first 5 post will compose pictures taken since the 1st day of January and most are gifts of my children since I'm still on the holiday hang-over.

January 1: books my children received as Christmas gifts from Godparents; each one I read every night before Leon goes to sleep

January 2: a cloth diaper for Maia, I bought on-line, which she wore on this day when we visited relatives

January 3: Maia's 2 teddies, both where gifts from 2 of her Godmothers. The smaller one is with a name, Hallie

January 4: another gift for Maia, a lady-bug beany stuff toy

January 5: took a photo of a long time planned project which I was only able to start this year...these are puzzle mats of my children and instead playing them on the floor which eventually ends up all scattered and occupies a lot of space on the floor, I decided to stick the mats on the wall where they can put the pieces on and just leave it there when they don't want to play with it anymore. It also acts as a protection from bumps on the wall especially with my little girl Maia. Great decor pieces as well ;)

There it goes, my first 5 of Project 365. And since I maintain 3 blog sites, you'll get to see photos for Project 365 in any of the 3 sites.

Hope I can continue with the whole year round (crossing fingers here).

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Tori said...

Welcome to P365! Hush Little Baby is one of my favorite books. My kids still ask me to sing it to them and they are 11,8,6 & 4!
Have a great week!!

Mimi said...

Oh I miss the days of toys like that! My boys are teens, so now it's all electronics & gift cards.

I look forward to getting to know you over this P365!

Hugs & love,

hahai.ponce said...

Thanks Tori for welcoming me to P365 :)

Thanks too, Mimi for visit...looking forward too to knowing you through P365 :)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Welcome to P365!!

It's great fun

Have a great rest of the week