Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Habits that will Never Change (Couples Corner #2)

If last week's topic was about Bad Habits that must go, this week's about Good Habit that must stay...

What good habits do we have? Hmmm, let me see ;)

About me:
I've managed my spending habits. The past few years married to my husband who's such a practical guys taught me to be more prudent in spending hard earned money. Thus for three years now, I've maintained an excel file of my monthly salary vs. my spending and so far I've been able to stick with it. Not too perfect though coz I still allow myself a little spending on special occasions. Teaching myself of this value also cascades to our children as they, especially Leon sees that we practice living simple and within our means.

Another of my good habit (I guess) is how I value quality time within the family. I make sure that we (both of us) spend enough time with our children. Both of us are working and are out of the house even more than the 8:00-5:00 work period. I make sure that I spend good quality time with each of our children. The simple gestures of feeding and/or bathing them, playing on the sides makes a lot of difference in their time without us around. That's why even on tiring days, when any of our child request for our attention, I give in. Anyway, the reason why we work is for their benefit, therefore, for me, it's not an excuse if my husband or I are tired from work. On the same note, I also try to make each weekend a special one for them to remember and to look forward to.

I am proud to say that I am a positive person and this is one habit that will definitely not change in me. No matter how bad the situation is, at the end of the day, I still look at the positive side of it. With this trait, I am able to surpass stress and challenges that comes our way. I know one way or the other, my husband is able to acquire it little by little, well, not that he's a negative person. lol!

About M:
M, as mentioned is such a practical person, therefore bad spending habits is not an issue with him. He's one person who'll think first of saving for the rainy days before spending his money. His philosophy is to save more so that he'll be able to provide better in the near future than just provide and provide until he reaches retirement age and then just settle with his pension money to provide for our needs.

The next good thing about M is not really a habit but a value. His patience and love for children, our children especially is more than I could ask for. His love for us, his family is his driving force to always put his right foot forward. He always make it a point to tell us he loves us and always makes it a point to kiss us all goodnight. He even told me one time, that even when he's already asleep, I make sure that I kiss him goodnight because he does the same thing to me every single night. He reminds me that even when sleeping, it is our subconscious mind that takes note of the good or bad gestures we receive and it affects us even when we are asleep.

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feRry jHoi ^.^ said...

naks!! naman ako ito parin!!! trying hard to spend a lil more thrift!! ang hirap!! hihi pero walang magawa.. I just need to be one!!!

First time ko po sa Couple's corner!! hihi

AC said...

Hi sis hahai... I just got back at CC... first time kita nakita dito...

btw, kakatuwa naman kayo.. at least si hubby na cocontrol ka dba? sabi nga nila, opposite poles attract... and just reading you description about him makes me smile that another CC member here is happily married and with his lucky man... =)

Mommy Liz said...

Wow naman! I admire you for being able to control yourself when it comes to spending. Siguro, ganyan na din ang dapat kong gawin. Impulsive buyer kasi ako kaya lagi akong broke, huwahhh!

Hoy ha, ang sweet nyo, but know what? hubby and I do the same thing, kahit tulog na ang isa sa amin, we would still give each other a good night kiss, or kapag paalis siya at 530am, he would kiss me goodbye.

Hubby tries to spend time with the kids too, he's more patient than I am, kaya ang mga bata, kapag padating na daddy nila, naghihiyawan, kala mo isang taong di nagkita.

Thanks for joining this week, hope to see you again next CC..

hahai.ponce said...

Hi Mommies! Effort talaga ang mag control but I've learned to think twice already, putting our children and the family always on top of everything, kaya pina-plano talaga ang pagbili ng kung ano-ano and naka-schedule. But everything's worth, we're being better persons with our good habits.

simply kim said...

oh! i like that! being able to control spending money. and i wish i could learn to be as practical as you are, lol!