Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mommy Moments: New Family Photo

Another year has passed and it was a good one for us. It was the year the our family became complete. As often mentioned in my blogs, Maia's arrival completed us.

Since Christmas season was the time for family gatherings, it is also a good venue for having a family photo shot. Since then, I make sure that we have a photo as a family in whatever occasion there is.

Here are some of our latest Family Pictures:

Wedding of M's cousin

Christmas 2010
New Year's Eve

Christening of Alex Gabriel
(son of M's high school friend)

Sunday Dinner at A' Veneto
Pajama night in January

and the most recent,
during UST's Quadricentennial Anniversary

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Chris said...

such a happy family! nice family photos!

Clarissa said...

What a wonderful family you have!Palagi kayong meron family pics--sa amin naman it's either isa ang wala sa amin to take the picture.Love all your smiles^_^

Thanks for dropping by dear!