Friday, January 21, 2011

Project 365: A rainy and gloomy week 3 (#'s16-22)

I'm sharing with you my third week on Project 365. This week was rainy and gloomy this side of the globe. Weird weather condition, we're having heavy rains in January! The reason why we're all having one heck of a colds lol!

Sunday: January 16

Can you spot where my frequent visitor is?
Yes! it's the yellow vented bulbul
greeting me with his cheerful call

Monday: January 17

Leon came along to the office.
Here he's excited and enjoying
an on-line game

Tuesday: January 18

One cold January nigh
We're having a pajama pictorial.
Took photos of my children in their
"cold" pajamas
and this one with me and my husband.
We're usually in tees and shorts at home
but this evening was too cold for us.

Wednesday: January 1

You bet! after hot days, rainy afternoons and cold nights
we all went down with colds - stuffy nose and dry itchy cough :<
we had to bring our children to their pedia for proper medication.
Maia got rashes, I hoped and pray it wasn't Measles.
good thing it wasn't.
Thank you Lord!

Here's their Rxand more fluid intake especially for Maia dear

Thursday: January 20
Came across Mommytography's S
hape Challenge

my share here at:

Friday: January 21

my entry to Mommy Moments
Leon's new achievement:
Sweeping our front yard!

Saturday: January 22

Our family's Christmas giveaway
(which I forgot to share last 2010 :()
Our share of helping mother earth from further degradation.
Our personalized Eco-bags

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