Friday, January 7, 2011

New Goals (Mommy Moments#1)

Happy New Year to all!

Since it's the beginning of another year, goal setting is quite necessary to serve as our direction for the year and to reach our other bigger plans for ourselves and the family in general.

For this year's:

1. To have a more organized and clutter-free household
2. To save up more on Leon and Maia's savings account and mine, too.
3. Update legal documents (NSO copies of Maia and my birth certificate, personal copy of Maia's baptismal certificate, renew passports and apply for the kids, etc.)
4. Visit regularly our children's pediatrician.
5. Prepare Leon for his schooling this school year (his first time!)

I guess 5 goals is enough. Once I'm able to accomplish them, then I can add another maybe a mid-year goal ;)

Good luck to all of us this 2011!

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1 comment:

Chris said...

it seems like you have very reachable goals :D happy new year! :D