Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CC: Why Bad Habits are Hard to Break?

To begin with, I think bad habits are hard to break because we need more than enough will power to break it. The value of discipline which we have to instill in us is quite difficult for us. Thus, we have to understand why it's difficult to discipline our children when we ourselves are resistant to it. lol! Another reason maybe is that we get good results despite the bad habits therefore the end justifies the means.

Accepting that we do have bad habits is the first step but reformi
ng ourselves is another thing, which, most of the time is such big step to make.

Although I've mentioned in previous blogs that I'm able to control my habit of impulsive buying, I still find myself doing it once in a while. Just like a few d
ays ago, I bought from my office mate a pair of branded jogging pants that costs half the original price and the big factor, I can pay it in 2 installment payments...great find huh? But then again, it was an impulse. I just made one commitment to myself after bringing the jogging pants home --- not to buy anything for myself in the next few months --- this is something to look forward to, if I can make or break this promise to myself.

Another habit that I want to change but is hard to break is the manana habit. I often tell myself that I can do whatever it is that I have to do and I can do it in a span of time. Therefore, I have the tendency to postpone and postpone unti
l the last minute, I end up cramming! But then again after the cram I see the good result wink!. This attitude of mine becomes a cycle in my daily life activities.

As for M, I really can't say what his bad habits are...because most of time it's my bad habits the gets into our way and is the source of a serious discussion ",)

But I've been thinking so much about it lately, I don't want my children to acquire these bad habits of mine, thus my motivation to change is to make myself a better person for the important people in my life, my family .

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AC said...

very well said, mommy... sapul na sapul ako! LOL! I am not an implusive buyer, but I can relate to that manana habit... I just feel like I am better when I cram. *excuses* LOL

I think my daughter is getting it already so I better change NOW!

Mommy Liz said...

well said Mommy Hahai. Yung impulsive buying din ang bad habit ko eh. Pero alam mo, it can be controlled pala, but you're right, will and determination. Yesterday I went to the store while waiting for my son (he's in his karate class) hawak ko na ang mga blouse..then I told myself, I don't need it...I put it back to the racks and left the store, so dun sa mga iba pang store, ganon ang ginawa ko. I went, looked and left. Oh di ba? nagwagi ako!!!
dun sa manana habit, talo tayo dyan, hahaha!! marming will and determination pa need ko..:)